Strelka-R is a custom software for integrated systems. Strelka-R is a real-time image recognition system optimized for license plate (LP) recognition; it is an ad-hoc software module developed for traffic enforcement systems.


The basic version of the software product allows for recognition of a huge variety of license plates. Adaptation of the software to new templates does no lead to any significant changes of hardware requirements. Strelka-R can be extended in terms of new ANPR recognition.


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Submission of data for generating databases of all vehicles detected in the control zone, including those violating traffic rules

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Submission of data for generating databases of images of detected vehicles by the license plate

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Possible recognition of license plates with minimum possible image sharpness 10% (sharpness of characters against the background– 25 units at 256 rating) and maximum possible contamination 12% (the area of dirt to the area of the license plate relation).

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Recognition of license plates of parked vehicles (zero speed)  and vehicles with speeds up to 300 km/h

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Capturing of the image with the vehicle at the moment of the violation, the image of the license plate, system ID, direction of travel, date and time of detection, measured speed, - for each individual vehicle

The input data for the application is video stream from traffic enforcement systems. The output data is information on detected vehicles transmitted to third-party systems. 

The data on the violation contains detailed information and several images (including the image of the vehicle and the image of the license plate with its trajectory). The detailed information features data on the system ID, its location, detected/allowed speed limit, type of violation, date and time of detection and the recognized license plate.