Traffic Solutions Group is a customer-focused provider and integrator for the ITS market. We are experts in rational and efficient application of solutions in the field of Road Traffic Management and Traffic Enforcement. Specialists of our company carry out both complex projects and very specific tasks to implement intelligent transportation systems and intelligent mobility using components of our own production and the best technologies of the world’s leading companies on the market.

Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering is another area of our activity where we have achieved great success especially in combination with Public Space Concept Design projecting.  Our portfolio contains also innovative SW solution for Intelligent Video Analytics to detect and provide operative notification and alert about incidents at public transport facilities and other crowded places. TSG is registered in Malta and has an extensive experience in implementing different projects in Eastern Europe.


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We consider Transport Planning as a basis for successful subsequent ITS implementation. We strongly believe that well-planned and efficient transport network is the first step towards Smart Mobility for road users and pedestrians. 

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Public Space Concept Design is currently a very popular and efficient way to improve overall urban environment and transport mobility especially where the transport infrastructure has limited capacity and parking is limited.


Traffic Management Systems are the next step after planning. TSG has a wide range of solutions using for this kind of urban and interurban projects implementation: traffic monitoring and control systems, traffic data collection and traffic information visualization solutions, central level system and field units and outstations, solutions for toll systems, tunnels and for bridges. Our qualified engineers and technicians are ready to carry out  turnkey projects of any complexity and any scale starting if necessary from the concept design. We offer also full support to all our customers during the stage of the system implementation and integration and when the system is already in operation.


In our experience, an efficient management of traffic and mobility is based on the principle of strong enforcement of traffic regulation and parking rules. Even the most intelligent traffic management system can be powerless in the face of incorrect behavior of drivers, especially during parking.  

We offer tools and software of our own production to detect all types of traffic violations on the streets and on highways. Depending on the tasks we will help you to choose the best option that will meet the technical requirements, tasks and operating conditions. If necessary, we will customize our back-office SW to integrate it into external top-level systems according your specific needs.


TSG is the developer of a unique self-learning intelligent video-based security system for public places and transport infrastructure. This system is based on an artificial neural network and is designed to monitor and to analyze video content in real time received from integrated CCTV cameras. The System allows to extract metadata, send alerts and notifications to security personnel or external systems in automated mode.



The purpose of the System is to prevent various incidents and terrorist threats in public places and transport infrastructure facilities.

The advantage of our system is that in most cases it is possible to use it on the basis of already installed on-site video surveillance cameras.